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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between "Term Time" and "Day Care"?

Term Time is 35 weeks per year, closing for half terms and holidays at the end of each term. 

Day Care is 45 weeks per year, closing for 6 weeks across the year, for shorter breaks at the end of each term. 

Please see our Term Dates for a break down of the holidays. 

How does settling in work? 

There is no set routine for the settling in period, as every child is different and will adapt to a new environment on their own terms. 

We typically assign 1-2 weeks to settling (depending on the sessions your child is doing) and gradually build their time at the Nursery over this period. 

How do we receive daily feedback? 

We have a system called My Montessori Child, which the teachers update throughout the day with details of food consumption, nappy changes and sleep times. This is emailed to the parents at the end of the day, once their child is collected. 

Teachers will also do a daily handover at collection.  

How are the fees calculated? 

All fees are calculated based on a daily rate, which is then applied based on the weeks your child is enrolled for (35 for TT and 45 for DC). This is then divided into 3 termly instalments if your child is Term Time only. 

Day Care fees are paid in monthly instalments, so this sum is split into 12 equal instalments.   

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Do all children wear uniform? 

Yes, all of our age groups have a uniform that is age appropriate. 

We have a specific baby uniform starting from 8 months, and then our 2 years + uniform for the Upper Nursery.

Can I store my pram at the Nursery?

We have pram/buggy storage at our Upper Nursery site (196), where you can leave your buggies, scooters etc. if they are foldable and can be stored compactly. 

Are all of the staff first aid trained?

Yes! All of our team hold an up to date paediatric first aid certificate while they are with us. 

Do children have to be toilet trained by a certain age? 

No - we are firm believers that children will show us / tell us when they are ready to toilet train. As a Nursery we support all transitions and milestones by working with parents. 


Do we still pay fees if we take holiday? 

Yes, full fees are due regardless of attendance. If you choose to leave to go on holiday, we do not fill your child's space for that period. 

What is the ratio of staff to children? 

Under 2 years: 1 adult to 3 babies 

2-3 years: 1 adult to 5 children 

3 years +: 1 adult to 8 children 

What happens if my child is ill? 

We ask that ill children are kept at home to prevent the spread of germs within the Nursery. 

If your child becomes ill while at Nursery, we will call you to come and collect them. 

What qualifications do the staff hold? 

All of our staff have relevant experience and/or qualifications specific to Early Years, ranging from Level 2 or 3 NVQ's, Montessori Qualified Teachers and Early Years Degrees. 

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What our parents have to say ... 

“[I am] Really happy with it. Minnie is very happy and I never have to worry when I know she is there which as a working parent is a relief. Could not be happier.”

“We could not be happier with the Nursery, and we are recommending it on a daily basis. Support settling Finn in was great and helping him with his potty training. We have no complaints, only praise”.

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