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Life at the Nursery

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Our Montessori Nursery provision is open for 45 weeks of the year, from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday, offering a selection of bespoke Montessori child care options, to suit all our families’ needs. 

Our Lower Nursery based at 159 Munster Road, encompasses a wonderful, cosy and safe baby and young toddler room on the first floor, filled with suitable and age appropriate Montessori materials and includes a dedicated sleep area and separate utility area. 


The entire ground floor facilitates a suitable and dedicated environment for toddlers, with wonderful and bespoke furniture and Montessori materials and encompasses a purpose built playground, with a sheltered and covered area, allowing for free flow in all weathers! 

The Upper Nursery is based at the rear of 196 Munster Road and comprises spacious, airy and bright ground floor accommodation.   Our  main classroom has its own bespoke furniture and Montessori materials, a separate sensory room and a fantastic tailored playground with its very own mud kitchen, sand pit and ample of space for cycling and scootering!

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When children join us at the age of 8 months, they are expected to attend with a minimum of 3 morning sessions, with the option of adding additional morning or afternoon sessions. 


This is in order to ensure continuity and ease the childrens' "settling-in" period. 

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Once the children turn 3, they move up into the Upper Nursery where they attend a minimum of 5 mornings; afternoon sessions are also encouraged, to ease the transition into "Big School!"

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Class Routines

Our Class Structure

Our children are grouped into three classes and movement between these classes is determined on age, developmental progress and general readiness for new challenges.  

Our children in the Lower Nursery are grouped into two classes:

  • The Discoverers are children between the ages of 8 and 18 months

  • The Explorers are children between the ages of 18 months and 2 years

  • The Inventors are children in the Upper Nursery, aged between 2 and 4 years

Children in our Upper Nursery class have access to a state of the art Montessori Environment, with their own interactive whiteboard and as a norm, partake in lessons taught by specialist teachers such as Sports, Languages, Music and Outdoor Classroom.

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Nursery Daily Routines

Please click below to view our class schedules.

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