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Extra Curricular Activities 

All of the children that come to our Nursery, as well as having the benefit of a Montessori curriculum, also have access to daily extra-curricular activities. 

Extra curricular activities have been proven to boost young children's confidence and to provide them with new skills and abilities, while taking on challenges of new and different experiences.


Above all, they offer an important space to have fun and spend some time outside of the classroom for all of the children!

Please see below for some examples or our extra curricular lessons: 


Music encompasses all areas of child development and skills for school readiness, including cognitive, social-emotional, motor and language development. 

It helps co-ordination of the body and mind working together, and also encourages their language development, as well as being a lot of fun! 

Music 2.jpg
Music 1.jpg
Music 3.jpg


The children in the Lower & Upper Nursery have a Sports session every Tuesday where they get the chance to learn new games and skills that promote their gross motor skills. 

Sports sessions also promote teamwork, social skills, the importance of rules and helps them to work off excess energy. 

The Upper Nursery have their Sports session in a local park to give them more space to practise their new skills. 

During the Summer Term, we also have a Sports Day, where the children can show off all of the new skills they have gained to their parents! 

Image 3.jpeg
Image 3.jpeg

Show & Tell 

For the Upper Nursery, Show & Tell follows a theme each week and the children are asked to bring something from home that they can present to their friends and tell them about. 

Show & Tell boosts children's confidence by presenting their item to a group of friends and teachers, as well as building their communication skills. Show & Tell also encourages sharing thoughts and feelings, as well as possessions with our peers.   

Show and Tell.jpg
Show and Tell.jpeg
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Soft Play 

Our Baby Room benefits from weekly visits to a local Soft Play and get moving! 

Babies can develop skills such as balance and co-ordination, in a sensory environment created to stimulate confident movement with the safety net of soft landings! 

Forest School 

The Upper Nursery spend their Friday morning session in Bishops Park for Forest School.

Forest School allows the children to develop through healthy engagement with risks, problem solving and self-discovery, all within a natural environment in hands-on and thoughtful manner. 


Afternoon Extra-Curricular 

All of our afternoon children also get the benefit of some additional classes through the afternoon sessions. Some of which are run by our teachers, such as Gardening, Cooking or Science classes. We also have an externally run Dance class & Yoga Class.   

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