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Our Daycare Facilities

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Our Day Care Nursery is open for 45 weeks across the year, and also have a Term Time Only option which runs for 35 weeks per year.  We encourage families to come and look around on a personal tour where parents have the opportunity to meet the Nursery Manager.

For more information about visiting us or to book a tour, please email the Nursery Office >

We offer care and early education for babies from the age of 8 months with a minimum of 3 morning sessions per week to help children settle into a routine.  

We try to provide as much flexibility as possible to our SHS families - parents also have the option of booking additional morning/afternoon or full day sessions as required.

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One of the best ways to promote early childhood development is simply to create a supportive and encouraging environment...for babies, this means giving little ones plenty of space where they have room to roll, crawl and play, as well as a variety of safe objects and sensory stimulating toys around them to master self-movement and build dexterity, hand-to-mouth coordination, and mobility.

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Our Daycare space is designed to be a calm, peaceful and secure setting where the children can play, rest and explore. 


The Baby Room is equipped with toys, books, sensory equipment and a range of other learning materials to help children investigate and explore the world around around them.

The little ones also spend time outside (weather permitting), and there is plenty of rest/nap  time built into the schedule, with a dedicated sleep area.

The children also have regular snacks across the day, and group time for singing, reading, music and movement.

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If you would like to join the waiting list you can register your child online here >

Places are awarded in priority order, according to date of registration. 


For further information or to book a show around please call us 

or email our Nursery Office and a member of the team will get in touch with you.

Tel: 0207 731 5354


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