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Sinclair House Montessori Nursery occupies two bright and spacious premises, each with outside garden space and play areas. 

We aim to provide a happy and relaxed environment where the children are encouraged to develop their self-confidence, sense of independence and social skills through a Montessori learning journey. 


A focus on developing the “whole child” in alignment with the Montessori philosophy, empowers children to be self-motivated, independent and curious learners through exploratory activities using specially designed materials.

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Our Admissions Policy 

Our process starts with a child’s registration which involves completion of a Registration Form and payment of a  registration fee.

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Our Montessori Ethos

A joyful approach to learning

The Montessori Curriculum is divided into 7 areas of learning, preparing children from an emotional & academic perspective.

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Nursery Life

A varied and diverse routine

Our children are grouped into 4 classes, and movement between these is based on age and developmental progress.

About Us

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